lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

Ceepo Experience.

In my recent Ironman of Lanzarote I found that the sector of cycling in this emblematic test is
essential. You must be very prepared to face those hard winds for 180km, prepared both
physically and as far as material is concerned. This year Ceepo mounted the "Katana", which
has outstanding features and extreme stiffness without losing a shred of comfort and a very
successful geometry for the Ironman distance in question. We could say it's a cheating bike as
it does not comply with the rules UCI, both in the thickness of the frame being very fine in
parts as in the geometry in question.
Another key feature for me is the correct disposition of the anchor bolts which hold the bottle
holder in place, for fans of aerodynamics in which I include myself, here is the perfect
opportunity to attach any bottle to our aerodynamic frame, in which it fits perfectly. As can be
seen in the second picture, I used a specific bottle, made by the brand name Specialized, as
you can see meets what I have described above. Another notable feature is the rear brake
hidden at the bottom and behind the cranks and also hidden inside the frame is the brake and
gears wiring.
 I see a real Katana CEEPO weapon for anyone who wants to improve their cycling sector for
any Ironman, in my opinion, one of the most versatile models from CEEPO. The brand has
the aerodynamics of a Nippon and stiffness of the Viper to the comfort and geometry of the
Venon, resulting in this authentic machine called the "Katana".
I say and reaffirm with strong evidence, "my power meter." Last year, using another more
standard brand, I completed the bike course with a time less than 5h 30, and to my surprise,
this year, nearly equaling that time in worse weather conditions, "having the same weight as
last year", with my average watts being "15 less". All this means tremendous energy savings
for the last and most demanding sector, "the run", which means that this technological jewel
transfer power like no other.
Beyond the technical details of this unique bike, which has many good ones, are the feelings
that it conveys. With its rigidity and comfort and with its unique and exclusive "for" and
"for" Ironman, make it a hallmark of those who love the sport. For me it is an indescribable
pride and feeling that this year I left my bike in the pits, to know that I possess of something
as unique as the legendary "Cheetah" rode by Natascha Badmann.
And further, as the bike has taken me the first time and hopefully not to be the last, to the
"Olympus of sports trí" our beloved and revered "Kailua Kona."

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