martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

Dear Valentin,

I am writing you this letter of motivation for your next competition Ironman LZ 2010.
I know that these last few weeks have been tough with hard training and apart from that you have your work, home, partner and child to consider.
You wake up early in the morning to start your day but it still seems theres not enough hours to do everything that u want to do in one day! I help you as much as possible with it but at the end of it all it is YOU who has the will power and strength to carry on even though at times u find it hard.
You made everybody proud when you got on the podium at Arinaga to collect your 2nd position cup, but i know you were prouder than all of us. It shows you how much all your hard work and motivation is paying off. I know you never thought you would be there receiving that Trophy! But the hardest thing u have had to do it keep your feet on the ground and remember that your big test is the Ironman.
You have me here supporting all that you do although the first year was hard as we saw each other a lot less but when i see you doing the competitions i realise how much it is all worth it and what it is you are working so hard for.
You give your son the motivation to be like u, to work hard for things he wants in life, and to be satisfied with the end result. He has learned that its not the winning that matters, its the taking part that is important. Although it would be nice to win jejeje
You have grown up in a place where people dont know much about sport, if its not football, and it seems its the only sport they concentrate on. When they see you in your lycra shorts, i dont know what they must be thinking hahahah, but you carry on because you dont care what others think, you are doing this for YOU. I know that you are now an inspiration for many here, especially younger ones, although they may not like to admit it! There are even a few who have not been too embarrassed to go out on their bikes and others who have been running along the main roads (something you never used to see here).
In the last 4 years your life has changed a lot. Sport has always been your passion but its not always been possible to do what it is you like most.
For many, life is about work and expensive cars (well, your bike is worth more than some cars!) and nice houses and all is to show and compare with their friends. These are the only competitions these people take part in and at the end theres no prize, no self satisfaction, theres only a desperation to be bigger and better. What a waste.
Well to finish off, i want to say that you have worked very hard this year and you will see the results for all your hard work. Stay positive and remember that you are doing this for YOU not for anyone else. Theres no pressure to qualify for Hawaii, although it would be nice, you have to remember that this is only your 3rd year doing IM and not many people can qualify after just 3 years. But you are going in the right direction and you are doing everything correct that we know that one day, if not this year, then next year , the year after or maybe in 3 years, you will reach your goal. You have the motivation and Will Power to get there. You are good at what you do and you are passionate. Some days are hard but when u are on the last stretch of the marathon and looking at the finish line and see all the people you love cheering you and shouting your name, although im sure u will be in pain and thinking "why am i doing this, and making myself suffer".. you will also know that its all worth it.

Lots of love

Angela xxx

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  1. you are very lucky,,, to have at your side, your partner ... you have it all ... the results will ever come. do not worry ..
    I was excited reading these lines.
    whatever happens in IMLZ.

  2. I never realised how much hard work and determination goes into what you do. I am proud to say I have met you on a few occassions, and I hope all your dreams come true. You have a wonderful and supportive partner in Angela and I really wish you both all the luck in the world in whatever you do and achieve x x

    Julie & Tony x

  3. Ya no hay excusa para no estar enchufado para Lanzarote, tienes mucha suerte de tener a Ange ayudandote siempre y apoyando lo que haces sin poner ninguna pega. Solo recuerdo la última vuelta de lanzarote en 2008, esa es mi fuente de inspiración.

  4. I can only tell you, my friend, you're next to the right woman.

    I like words of one of the best coaches in British athletics:

    "This is what you can do, these are what you know to do well: do it to the limit and be satisfied" (Harry Wilson, coach of world-class middle-distance runner Steve Ovett). In the Ironman, when bad times arrive, think about this.

    See you soon.

  5. Además de sentirte orgulloso por todos tus logros tienes la dicha de poder contar con personas como tu mujer que sin esperar nada a cambio esta a tu lado ofreciéndote ese apoyo necesario para poder seguir adelante. Y cuánta razón tiene en sus palabras!! Lo importante es el fin de las cosas, proponértelas y acabarlas lo mejor posible. Todo llega y algún día tendrás ese resultado que tanto anhelas. Ojalá que pronto!

  6. Gracias por la carta y por lo que en ella dice, éste año está siendo un año lleno de buenos entrenos y muy buenos momentos, todo marcha y Lanzarote ya está cerca, espero disfrutar mucho y superarme a mí mismo y seguir con éste estilo de vida que tanto me gusta y en el cual se ha volcado mi familia. Ésto espero sea sólo el comienzo de muchos buenos ratos como los que pasamos en Pozo o cuando acudimos a una competición, como ésta última de Arinaga, son recuerdos que quedan en la retina. Gracias.